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Holly Swanson Bio

Holly Swanson Bio

Holly Swanson Bio PicHolly Swanson…is the author of the book ‘Set Up & Sold Out, Find Out What Green Really Means’.

National and international news headlines continue to confirm her message. “We must address the subversive political goals of the Greens, Party and movement.”


  • Holly is recognized as one of the nation’s top columnists and activists.
  • She is credited with documenting and exposing the plan to use public education to politically indoctrinate America’s children.
  • Holly is the Director of the Operation Green Out! campaign and known for her work to get Green politics out of America’s schools.

Set Up and Sold Out Book“Swanson is a prominent figure in property rights circles, not only because of her book, but also as a public speaker ---… whether spoken or written, Swanson’s findings carry a tone of revelation, and make connections few others have seen.”

--- San Francisco Weekly



Holly is a veteran of hundreds of talk radio interviews and speaking engagements nationwide.

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