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December 4, 2012

Sex Education
by Kerby Anderson


Commentary ThumbnailComprehensive sex education in the public schools has been a source of controversy for decades. Most of us realize that we are indoctrinating students with frank discussion of sex that takes away their innocence and encourages them to experiment with sex. The problem has been how to convey our concerns in a public forum so that teachers, administrators, and other parents would agree with our conclusions.

Matt Barber was on my radio program recently, and gave us another way to articulate our concerns. He teaches a course at Liberty University on “Sexual Behavior and the Law.” Dr. Judith Reisman, gave a lecture in his course about the impact of Alfred Kinsey. I would encourage you to do a search on Judith Reisman’s name so that you could read about all the things Kinsey did in the area of adult-child sex. It is disgusting.

In the midst of the presentation, she also talked about what pedophiles do to “groom” children for sex. In fact, the FBI actually lists four things child molesters usually do. These range from demonstrating sex acts to lowering sexual inhibitions to desensitizing children to sex. There is much more detail to this pattern, but I won’t get any more explicit than this.

Matt Barber made an important point about this in a recent column. He showed how this FBI list of actions by child molesters parallels what is happening in public school classrooms today. Children in the public schools are being exposed to graphic sexual discussions. The discussions are numbing their natural sexual inhibitions. Graphic sexual images and discussions are desensitizing children to sex. Dr. Judith Reisman also documents that current brain research shows that such sex education literally changes the neural pathways to a child’s brain.

I think this can be a powerful argument against explicit sex education. Ask teachers, administrators, and parents to compare the FBI list of how a pedophile “grooms” a child for sex with the comprehensive sex education being taught in the schools today. The parallels are disturbing. I’m Kerby Anderson, and that’s my point of view.



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