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On-Air Line Up for Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dr. Marcus Bachmann, Ph.D., Bachmann and Associates; Aaron Klein, Author, Columnist, Speaker, The Manchurian President; Brian Brown, Executive Director, National Organization for Marriage

Today's Topics:

  • Adolescent Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
  • Marriage and Family
  • The Manchurian President
  • Elena Kagan
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Guest Bio: Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Dr. Marcus BachmannDr. Marcus Bachmann, president of Bachmann & Associates, has been a clinical therapist in the Twin Cities for more than 18 years. Marcus is a popular conference speaker with practical insights, biblical principles, and humor interwoven in his messages.
I believe my call is to minister to the needs of people in a practical, caring and sensitive way.
Dr. Bachmann received his Masters degree in education/counseling from Regent University located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He received his Doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Union Graduate Institute located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Marcus and his wife, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann are the parents of five children and have been foster parents to more than 20 children. The family lives in the St. Croix Valley.

Aaron KleinAaron Klein is a Jerusalem-based author, journalist, columnist and U.S. radio and television commentator known for his close contacts with Middle East leaders.
He is the Jerusalem bureau chief for WorldNetDaily, where he files articles almost every day, usually from the field and often quoting the day's newsmakers. He is a columnist for the Jewish Press and is author of the recently released book, "The Late Great State of Israel," which brings to light the urgent, under-reported threats facing Israel. The subtitle of the book reads, "How enemies within and without threaten the Jewish nation's survival."
Klein is also the author of the critically acclaimed 2007 book, "Schmoozing with Terrorists," which chronicles Klein's in-person interviews with terrorists and explains the true nature of the war against Israel and the West.
Klein is known for his regular interviews with Mideast leaders and terrorists. He has interviewed jihadist leaders from every major Palestinian terrorist organization. Full Bio...

Brian BrownBrian S. Brown serves as Executive Director of the National Organization for Marriage after serving as the Executive Director of NOM-California in 2008. Prior to coming to NOM-CA, Brian was the Executive Director of the Family Institute of Connecticut. During the five years he was with the Family Institute, he developed it into one of the largest statewide pro-family organizations in the Northeast. He now brings that organizational expertise and New England familiarity to his work at NOM-CA. Brian is a C. Phil. at UCLA in American History, earned his B.A./M.A. in Modern History at Oxford University, and received his B.A. in History from Whittier College. Brian and his wife have six young children.


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