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School's Overreaction: Ruin Teen's Future?

Attorney: School's overreaction to pocket knife may destroy teen's future

A Monstrous Injustice

Christian Stanfield, a 15-year-old kid with special needs who was, in effect, convicted of the crime of being bullied.

Why is Apologetics Needed?

Though more reasons could be listed, these seven will suffice to demonstrate that Christian apologetics is a necessary discipline in the church.

Arab Winter Comes to America Robert Spencer interview

Must-Read New Book: "Arab Winter Comes to America

Spring Fever Andrew McCarthy

Spring Fever is an attempt to give the reader an alternative way to understand what is happening in the Middle East.

Federal Land Grab in Texas?

Exclusive--Texas AG Abbott to BLM: 'Come and Take It'

Upheaval: book review

Upheaval, by Lou Dobbs: Charting America's Drift

The Politics of Poverty

From the fiscal to the familial, conservatives have the right answers.

Clemency for Drug Offenders?

Obama Aims to Give Clemency to More Drug Offenders

How Do I Help My Gay Friend?

Twenty years ago few Christians asked this question, for few knew any same gender attracted people, or if they did know them, they were ignorant to their friend's struggles.

Keys to Recovery from Same-Sex Attraction

The important thing to remember is that all change happens one day at a time.

Helping Teens Understand Homosexuality

Adolescents are under an extraordinary amount of sexual pressure.

11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative

Paul Kengor writes a classic.

Deity of Christ

I recently received a letter from someone who argues that there is only one God, and that He is called many names and worshiped by many different people who hold to many different faiths. This kind of thinking about God is common today, but its popularity does not reduce the intellectual problems that may accompany it.

Messianic Prophecies

Biblical prophecy is a fascinating subject. It not only includes predictions of events that are still in the future. It also includes predictions of events that were future at the time the prophecy was given, but which have now been fulfilled and are part of the past.


The most significant event in history is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the strongest evidence that Jesus is the Son of God. This event gives men and women the sure hope of eternal life a hope that not only gives us joy as we look to the future but also provides us with powerful reasons to live today.

What Works: Cal Thomas

What Works - Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America

Historical Facts About Blacks

Ben Kinchlow shares personal experiences of discrimination in America

Record Number of Regulations

By at least one measure, Obama surpasses all of his predecessors.

Harry Reid's Last Roundup: Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah exposes China deal possibly driving fed action against rancher

War on Women?

Joseph Farah says Obama's actions amount more to a 'war on liberty'

Grand Central Question: excerpt

Grand Central Question:Answering the Critical Concerns of the Major Worldviews

'Jesus' Film Remastered to Celebrate 35th Anniversary

'Jesus,' the most watched film in history, has been remastered in high definition with a complete new musical score in Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

Religious Bigotry: Craig James

Craig James goes to work for Family Research Council, vows to fight against 'religious bigotry'

Noah vs. the Bible: Paul Barreca

The Real Story of Noah (Sermon)

Cowmageddon in Nevada

Feds retreat from Nevada ranch standoff, release captive cattle.

Mapping the Origins Debate: book review

Six Models of the Beginning of Everything

The Great Withdrawal: ATMs and Hackers

Six Models of the Beginning of Everything

First Blood Moon, early Tuesday morning

Popular televangelist claims four blood moons are sign of 'world-shaking event'

Thought Police: Charles Krauthammer

No longer trying to win the debate, the Left is trying to stop debate altogether.

Paycheck Fairness: Fact Sheet

"On average, full-time working women earn just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns." President Obama, 2014

Lois Lerner and the IRS

Contempt and the IRS

Kathleen Sebelius Quits HHS

Obamacare Overlord Sebelius Quits Unexpectedly

Book Review: 'Double Down,' by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann

Behind-the-scenes book on the 2012 election.

Book of Manly Men, excerpt

The following is an excerpt from a new title that Glenn Beck has described as game-changing, Stephen Mansfield's "Mansfield's Book of Manly Men: An Utterly Invigorating Guide to Being Your Most Masculine Self," pages 15-21.

Birth Control and Obamacare

The requirement to provide "free" birth control and abortifacients has never been about health care.

How God Became Jesus

Was Jesus divine? Publisher hedges bets with Bart Ehrman's new book.

Uninstall Firefox: Dennis Prager

Boycotts should be rare, but Mozilla's intolerance calls for one.

Attorney General Greg Abbott

The Next Governor of Texas?

Noah movie

Unbiblical 'Noah' Is No Crowd Pleaser

Brendon Eich leaves Mozilla

Mozilla CEO Only the Latest Victim

Fort Hood shooting - Gun Free Zones

Gun-free zones and progressives' insanity

Probe Mind Games

Conference Overview: Student Mind Games Conference

Jim DeMint's Little Platoons

Little Platoons vs. Big Government

Pitchfork Persecutors John Fund

Eich and others who opposed same-sex marriage, even years ago, are being punished.

The Sorry State Of Religious Freedom At The Air Force Academy

A better student of world history would understand the danger of an Air Force Academy built on the "one religious faith" of patriotism.

Mozilla CEO quits

Eich Is Out. So Is Tolerance.


Dissent on a One Way Street

Campaign Finance Decision

Q&A on Supreme Court's New Campaign Finance Decision

Key Issues in the State Legislature, Michelle Smith

Time for the CWA 83rd Legislative Session Wrap-up and Scorecard

Common Core, John Stossel

Common Core, most Americans don't even know what that is.

Rotten to the Core, Michelle Malkin

Obama's War on Academic Standards

God at the Box Office

Noah and God's Not Dead serve different audiences, but synergy is possible.

Republicans Recapture Senate

Republicans will recapture the U.S. Senate in November 2014

Obamacare: Falling Short

A realistic assessment of Obamacare shows it is not delivering what was promised.

Truth Matters: book review

Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World Darrell Bock, Josh Chatraw, Andreas J. Köstenberger

Blood Moons Rising: introduction

Blood Moons Rising: Bible Prophecy, Israel, and the Four Blood Moons

North Korea and South Korea Return Fire

North and South Korea exchange hundreds of rounds of live artillery fire across their disputed maritime border

The Question That Never Goes Away

There are reasons to ask, once again, the question that never goes away: Where is God when we suffer?

Joy For the World: book review

Why a healthy society rests on the foundation of Christian joy.

Obamacare Deadline

Software Bug Takes Down Health Care Site

Supreme Court: Hobby Lobby

"Beyond Crippling . . . It is Destroying"

Obamacare Delay Number 38

HHS simply waves away the March 31 enrollment deadline.

David Platt: Young Evangelicals

Young Evangelicals Passionate About Poor, Enslaved but Strangely Quiet on Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage

Violent Mob Violence

Black mob violence breaks out in Louisville, 6 other cities. ALL last week.

Ripples from the Big Bang

Ripples detected by the telescope Bicep2 represent, in theory, gravitational waves from the Big Bang.

War on Hobby Lobby

The Obama administration wants to win this to prove a point.

Christian Orthodoxy in Black Church


Seventy-nine Factors that will help Nations Escape Poverty

APPENDIX: A Composite List of Factors That Will Enable a Nation to Overcome Poverty

Progressives Turn on Their Prodigies

Ezra Klein and Nate Silver learn they won't be allowed to think for themselves.

Hobby Lobby Case

Here's what you need to know about the Hobby Lobby case.

World Vision: Same Sex Marriage

President Richard Stearns says change is a symbol of Christian 'unity' not 'compromise.'

Obamacare Cost

The mistake America could not afford.

What's Your Worldview?

What's Your Worldview?: An Interactive Approach to Life's Big Questions.

Why We Need a Convention: Michael Farris

Exclusive: Michael Farris parts ways with friend Phyllis Schlafly over Article V

Well-Traveled Expensive President

"The most internationally well-traveled President, through five years," NTUF

Update on Developing Situation at U.S. Air Force Academy


Hobby Lobby Case at Supreme Court next week

Religion, rights, and the workplace

A Special Prosecutor for the IRS

Despite her denials, it's now plain that Lois Lerner was deeply involved in targeting conservative nonprofit groups.

Banning "Bossy"

Libs go after silly term and ignore offensive, anti-woman word.

Global Poverty, Dale Hanson Bourke

An Excerpt from The Skeptics Guide to Global Poverty

World AIDS Day, Dale Hanson Bourke

Celebrating the Miraculous on World AIDS Day

Food Stamp Myths

Proposed Republican reforms have the facts on their side.

Girl Scouts Alternative

Competitor Offers 'Christ-Centered' Alternative, With a New Merit Badge Pro-Lifers Will Love

Disney to pull Boy Scouts funding by 2015

Employees taking part in the VoluntEARS program will no longer be able to submit the funds to the Boy Scouts.

Congress Steps Up Pressure On Obama To Sign ENDA Executive Order

"We are committed to doing all that we can in Congress to get ENDA to your desk this year; however, there is no reason you cannot immediately act by taking this important step,"

Playing God, Book Review

We're all playing god; it's just a matter of which one: the God of the Bible or an idol.

The Crazy Cycle, Emerson Eggerichs

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs describes the crazy cycle and how it affects marriages.

Assault on Religious Freedom

Those who choose to seek medical care or work at a Catholic hospital should expect the facility to abide by church teachings, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum tells Newsmax.

Can You Keep Life-Saving Treatment?

Obama admits you might not keep your doctor...

Making Income Inequality Worse?

Democrats are making income inequality worse

Air Force Academy Censorship

BREAKING: Air Force Academy Violates Law by Erasing Cadet's Bible Verse

Richard Nixon : Barack Obama

Obama shows the same Orwellian disregard for the Constitution.

How to Stop Putin

The U.S. needs a serious foreign policy.

Real Women Leading book review

Real Women Leading with Proverbs 31 Values Review

Science Textbook War

The anti-Darwinist forces have changed their arguments over the years, but to no avail.

Obamacare Mandate Delayed

Psst! Obamacare Mandate Delayed Again -- Quietly

Gay Conversion Counseling

Therapists defend gay conversion counseling: 'You can't say gay once, gay always'

CIA Spys on U.S. Senate

Feinstein: CIA searched Intelligence Committee computers

Govt. Regulations The Tax You Don't See

There is another area where government grows in the shadows...

IRS and Lois Lerner

IRS Emails: Lerner Too 'Unpredictable' to Testify in Probe

Common Core

Tell Us Your Common Core Stories

The Adam Quest: book review

Eleven Scientists Who Held on to a Strong Faith While Wrestling with the Mystery of Human Origins

Better Prescription for Millennials: Tom Price

In short, real people are being hurt by this law, and it's no laughing matter. So, what's the alternative?

Sarah Palin at CPAC

"The age of Obama is almost over... the end of an error."

The Wages of Weakness: Charles Krauthammer

Would Putin have lunged for Ukraine if he didn't have such a clueless adversary?

Beware the Russian Bear: John Fund

The wily predator has fooled the U.S. over and over and over.

Religious Freedom Laws, Not Jim Crow Laws

Analysis: 3 Reasons Religious Freedom Laws Are Nothing Like Jim Crow

IRS Hearing and Lois Lerner

IRS hearing explodes, Republicans inch toward contempt


Each Day, 160,000 students miss school due to bullying.

Pregnancy Prevention

Sexually active teens are 2 1/2 times more likely not to graduate than non-sexually active peers

Failed Foreign Policies

Crimea River

The Whopper Temptation

So what if President Obama's claim that "if you like your health care plan, you can keep it" was widely cited as the "lie of the year?"

Response to Arizona Law Commentaries

So what if President Obama's claim that "if you like your health care plan, you can keep it" was widely cited as the "lie of the year?"

Raising Boys by Design: Sneak Peek

You can help your son thrive today as the hero he is meant to be when you learn the secrets of Raising Boys by Design.

Obamacare's Cornhusker Nemesis

Ben Sasse, health-care expert and Senate candidate.

U.S. Suspends Trade/Talks With Russians

Ignoring warnings from Obama and other Western leaders, Putin won permission from his parliament on Saturday to use military force in Ukraine

Russia is a Government of Liars

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) turned in a solid performance on NBC's Meet the Press to discuss the Ukrainian crisis on Sunday.

Obamacare vs. Medicare

The Obama administration declared that cuts to Medicare Advantage, long put off, will finally take effect in 2015.

No Fix for Obamacare

The President's failed health-care law is fundamentally flawed.

Obamacare Will Collapse

Obamacare Is Going to Come Tumbling Down

America's Provocative Weakness: Frank Gaffney

The American people and our country are entitled to at least one party that stands for and will provide a responsible national security policy.

Ukraine and Putin: Charles Krauthammer

Meanwhile, Obama fails to understand that American inaction creates a vacuum.

Brewer's Foolish Veto: Rich Lowry

Eleven legal experts on religious freedom statutes wrote a letter to Gov. Brewer prior to her veto explaining how the bill "has been egregiously misrepresented by many of its critics."

Connecting the Dots in the IRS Scandal

The 'smoking gun' in the targeting of conservative groups has been hiding in plain sight.

Leaving Marriage Defenseless

Blurring Law and Politics

Why is Christianity Losing in America?

This is the question with which all serious Christians must wrestle.

Governor Brewer Vetoes Bill

Brewer's rejection of the bill coincided with another high-profile victory on Wednesday for gay rights activists.

Life of Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton is held in highest esteem by both secular and Christian people, his life and work will inspire every reader.

Apologist for Christian Worldview

Richard Land settling in at Southern Evangelical Seminary

Army Cuts Pre-World War II Levels

The Pentagon plans to scale back the US Army by more than an eighth to its lowest level since before World War II

Matrix's War on Humans

It's really getting anti-human out there.

Journey from Islam to Christianity

CROSSING OVER: An Intellectual and Spiritual Journey from Islam to Christianity

No Consensus on Climate Change

It's long past time strip the climate-change movement of the pretense they represent a consensus of scientists... because there is no consensus.

New Era in Ukraine

Ukraine seeks fugitive ex-leader over 'mass murder'

Ukraine: Final Episode?

Is Ukraine the Cold War's final episode?

Obamacare : Here to Stay

Governors from both parties report that a full repeal of the law would be complicated at best, if not impossible.

Ukraine: Pull Out of the Olympics?

There is still time to change course and increase opportunities for this generation.

Why Kerry is Wrong on Climate Change

It was the scientific skeptics who bucked the 'consensus' and said the Earth was round

Religious Freedom for the Butcher and Baker

Until the Whole Is Leavened

Lego Movie, Propaganda?

Product placement in the form of 'satire.'

Millennials Need an American Rebound

There is still time to change course and increase opportunities for this generation.

Achieving High Performance Friendship, sample

This is a book for male friends, collaboratively written by two long-term friends

Obamacare Navigators Urged to Lie

A new undercover video that shows government workers advising clients to lie, ignore procedures, and evade legal requirements when signing up for healthcare.

No Fix for Obamacare

The President's failed health-care law is fundamentally flawed.

Minimum Wage Report

Minimum Wage Report Puts Obama, Democrats on Defensive

Barna Frames

Barna Group & Zondervan Launch Revolutionary FRAMES Platform

Obamacare's Biggest Whopper: Betsy McCaughey

The truth is still to come out about the biggest whopper.

Approve the Pipeline: Phil Kerpen

Fight Global Warming: Approve the Pipeline!

When You Give Liberals the Oval Office: Robert Knight

Presidents Day is an apt reminder of how far left the nation has veered

Income Inequality: Robert Knight

'Income Inequality?' How Reagan Handled It

First Timothy Project

Bill Gothard and the 1 Timothy Project

Hobby Lobby May Close All 500+ Stores in 41 States

Hobby Lobby Has NO INTENTION Of Closing Any Stores (revised headline)

Obamacare's War on Jobs: Charles Krauthammer

The administration is now conceding, inadvertently but unmistakably, Obamacare's other effect -- involuntary job loss.

Bill to Protect State's Rights on Marriage

Cruz, Lee Introduce Bill to Protect States' Rights on Marriage

Republican Vote on Debt Ceiling

McConnell and Boehner have steered us right for a few months now.

Jindal Warns of 'Silent War' on Religion

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal blasted the "silent war" that he said is undermining the nation's basic principles in a major speech Thursday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Becoming a Happy Wife

It's time to realize that you are the one who ultimately decides whether or not you are happy.

Just Say the Word

What you will find in this book

Senate Debt Limit Vote

GOP Senate Leadership Bucks Cruz's 60-Vote Debt Ceiling Bid

The Sanctity of Human Life

It is assumed that "everyone" knows what "sanctity of life" means.

Open Letter to Sexual Abuse Victims

An untold story never heals, friend. Isolation only masks the problem.

I Stand for Sexual Abuse Victims

I believe God is asking me to stand up and be willing to be a voice for those who often don't have a voice

Year in Pictures

The old saying is that "a picture is worth a thousand words".

The Connections Between Pornography and Sex Trafficking

Society views sex trafficking as something we ought to combat, yet it sees pornography as simply another genre of entertainment.

The End of Sex

The "Porn Oscars" and the pornification of America

Abortion: Domestic Violence

Kentucky Republican wants to redefine abortion as domestic violence

Paving the Way for the Antichrist?

Experts Weigh in on Robert Jeffress' Remarks That Obama's Policies 'Pave the Way' for Antichrist

Quotes about Obamacare

Why Obamacare is a Plague on America in 13 Quotes

The Health-Care Myths We Live By

Swedish researchers report that antioxidants make cancers worse in mice. It's already known that the antioxidant beta-carotene exacerbates lung cancers in humans. Not exactly what you'd expect given the extravagant -- and incessant -- claims you hear made about the miraculous effects of antioxidants.

Cleta Mitchell: IRS Targeting of Conservatives Continues

Explosive testimony lit up a House hearing on the IRS targeting scandal Thursday, as GOP super lawyer Cleta Mitchell told representatives that the systematic effort to delay the processing of grass-roots groups' applications for nonprofit status continues to occur.

Marijuana Car Crashes Triple

The legalization of marijuana has recently gained more momentum in the U.S., since states like Colorado and Washington allow the sale and possession of the drug for both medicinal and recreational use. However...fatal pot-related car crashes have tripled in the U.S. over the last 10 years

Release Pastor Abedini

Sen. Paul Again Calls for the Release of Pastor Abedini

Obamacare Work Ethic

Changing people's incentives doesn't make them freer.

Senate Resolution, Common Core

Senate Resolution to Tackle Common Core's Threat of 'National Curriculum'

Depression, Focus on the Family


Government Would Terrify Founders

Dinesh D'Souza: Today's US Government Would Terrify Founders

Obamacare Identity Theft

ObamaCare: From Belarus with love, and maybe sabotage

Lessons from the Super Bowl

Lessons for GOP from Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl win

Obama-O'Reilly Super Bowl Interview

Obama to O'Reilly: I'm Not Most Liberal President in History

The Tea Party is the GOP's '12th Man'

Politics has much in common with sports. In both politics and sports, winning is everything.

Creation Debate

Is Creation a Viable Model of Origins? Bill Nye - Ken Ham Debate

Boy Scouts and Christian Youth Clubs

Boy Scouts' Membership Change May Grow Christian Youth Clubs

Artificial Maturity

How to raise kids who can handle the real world

Faith-based Businesses, Religious Liberty

Liberty Institute Supports Rights of Faith-Based Businesses to Exercise Religious Freedom

House Republicans Selling Immigration

The House Republican leadership is trying to sell their colleagues on a series of broad immigration principles

Debunk War on Women, Charles Krauthammer

Forget gender politics and focus on the winning policies.

Common Sense, Common Core

Common Core is destroying the minds and souls of our young people.

Positive Leadership Principles for Women

8 Secrets to Inspire and Impact Everyone Around You

Immigration and the Republican Party

GOP crafts plan to wreck country, lose voters

State of the Union Address

Obama calls for 'year of action'

Obama Vows to Act

'Wherever and Whenever' he Can

Governing by Pen and Phone

Obama used to sigh that he was not a dictator who could act unilaterally. No more.

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Obama's 2014 State of the Union address

President Obama delivered his 2014 State of the Union address on Jan. 28, 2014, at the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Transcript courtesy of Federal News Service.

Game Plan, Kevin Freeman

Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack

The Great Debate, Book Review

Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine agreed on the justice of the American colonists' rebellion but divided over the French Revolution.

Macklemore and the Grammys

It's hard not to wonder if the Grammys put politics before music this year.

Republican Health Care Reform

Republicans get it mainly right on health care reform.

Health Insurers Battered

Health Insurers Are Being Battered By Obamacare, And They Deserve It

Forcing Doctors to See Obamacare Patients

When Will The Government Start Forcing Doctors To See Obamacare Patients?

Louie Gohmert Doesn't Have Health Insurance

Rep. Louie Gohmert says he's dropped his health coverage because it's too expensive under Obamacare.

Uninsured Not Signing Up

So What Was The Point of Obamacare Again?

John Goodman: The ObamaCare Carnival of Perverse Incentives

Cities with unfunded health-care commitments are getting ready to dump their retirees on the state exchanges.

Drugs and Teen Brain

The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on the Adolescent Brain

5 Reasons Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

Is legalizing Marijuana going to make this a better country or a worse one?

Religious Freedom, Frank Wolf

Nearly 70 percent of the world's 6.8 billion people live in countries with high restrictions on religion, the brunt of which often falls on religious minorities.

NSA Spies and Sons of Liberty

Will You Choose Dangerous Freedom or Peaceful Slavery?

Israeli Rabbi Found Messiah

A brand-new book and documentary, "The Rabbi Who Found Messiah," about his life, death and the secrets he took to the grave.

Governor Cuomo No Place in New York

Gov. Cuomo exiles dissidents from New York

Shock: More Black Babies Aborted Than Born Alive in New York

New York has the second highest abortion rate in America and the second highest total number of abortions.

NYC pregnancy centers win free speech appeal

The three-judge panel's unanimous ruling was a substantial, but mixed, victory for the pregnancy centers.

Pro-Life State Rankings Released

6 Best, 5 Worst, 4 Most Improved States for Life

Janet Morana recalls abortion's painful impact

The statistics and facts regarding the dangers of abortion are often covered up or even faked by pro-choice organizations.

Lincoln, MLK, and Louis Giglio

Louie Giglio, Evangelical pastors who drew criticism for their association with Barack Obama.

Recipe for Minority Success

Everyone may be experiencing tough economic times, but as usual, these struggles hit some harder than others.

The Case for Voter ID

States with voter-ID laws must implement them soundly.

Update on Craig James Case

FOX Sports Executive Put Under Oath!

Not His War, Charles Krauthammer

How in good conscience could a commander-in-chief send troops to fight a war he wasn't serious about?

NSA Collects Millions of Text Messages Daily

The NSA has made extensive use of its text message database to extract information on people under no suspicion of illegal activity.

Building Student's Character with Religious Freedom

January 16, public schools have an opportunity to give students an important civics lesson that can also improve student conduct and character.

Human Rights and Religious Liberty

The ACLJ is committed to ensuring the ongoing viability of freedom and liberty around the world.

Obamacare Time Bomb

Heirs May Face Bill for Your Healthcare.

Benghazi Report, Rep. Trey Gowdy

NY Times Report on Benghazi Protects Hillary

Greater Dallas Movement Day, Jim Denison

City Transformation Through Christian Communities Working Together

Twilight in America, Martin Mawyer

New Book Twilight in America Exposes Islamic Camps Where Americans Train for JIHAD

Health Care: Problems and Solutions

We want to promote patient-driven health care vs. government-dictated health care.

No Charges Over IRS Scandal

IRS Off the Hook: No Criminal Charges Over Tea Party Targeting

Duty, Robert Gates

In His New Memoir, Robert M. Gates, the Former Defense Secretary, Offers a Critique of the President

Texas Abortion Law, Appeals Court

Texas abortion law gets federal appeals court review

Social Justice, Calvin Beisner

Social Justice: How Good Intentions Undermine Justice and Gospel

All of America Should be a Promise Zone

Senator Ted Cruz weighs in on the Obama plan to pour federal money into five select "Promise Zones,"

Jewish Center and Religious Liberty

City Defies Agreement with Liberty Institute, Continues Attack on Local Rabbi

Fifty-Year War on Poverty

This year marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Baines Johnson's proclamation of a "war on poverty."

Ways to Help the Poor

Republicans promote ways of helping the poor

The Cost of Liberty, book review

John Dickinson opposed the rush to declare independence but gladly served when war came.

Fifty-Year War on Poverty

This year marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Baines Johnson's proclamation of a "war on poverty,"

Failed War on Poverty

Gingrich: Liberal 'War on Poverty' Has Failed

Obamacare Debt Plan, Michelle Malkin

Obamacare's Perilous Protection Plan for Debtors

Common Core, Michelle Malkin

Common Core and the EduTech Abyss

Obamacare and Free Birth Control

The requirement to provide "free" birth control and abortifacients has never been about health care.

Book Review: 'Double Down,' by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann

Behind-the-scenes book on the 2012 election.

Book of Manly Men, excerpt

The following is an excerpt from a new title that Glenn Beck has described as game-changing, Stephen Mansfield's "Mansfield's Book of Manly Men: An Utterly Invigorating Guide to Being Your Most Masculine Self," pages 15-21.

Birth Control and Obamacare

The requirement to provide "free" birth control and abortifacients has never been about health care.

Key Issues in the State Legislature, Michelle Smith

Time for the CWA 83rd Legislative Session Wrap-up and Scorecard

Common Core, John Stossel

Common Core, most Americans don't even know what that is.

Rotten to the Core, Michelle Malkin

Obama's War on Academic Standards

Insurance Company Bailout & Obamacare

Republicans can end Obamacare by stopping the impending bailout of insurance companies.

Obama Breaking the Law

11 State AGs Say Obama Breaks Law With Healthcare Changes.

Predictions From 50 Years Ago

Isaac Asimov's Predictions For 2014 From 50 Years Ago Are Eerily Accurate

Hidden Costs of Obamacare

Higher premiums could really kneecap the economic recovery

Goodbye to Tax Breaks

Higher premiums could really kneecap the economic recovery

Stay to Contraceptive Mandate

Thankful Nuns Celebrate Sotomayor's Contraceptive Mandate Stay

On-Air Line Up for Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The first hour Kerby visits with Jim Nicodem pastor of Christ Community Church about the four-book Bible Savvy series. The second hour we welcome Lindsey O'Connor to discuss her new book, The Long Awakening, A Memoir

Mormonism Unmasked, Book Review

Roberts, R. Philip, Mormonism Unmasked: Confronting the Contradictions Between Mormon Beliefs and True Christianity.

Defending Inerrancy, Book Review

Norman Geisler and William Roach present a detailed study of the issue in Defending Inerrancy: Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation.

Duck Dynasty Defeats the Thought Police

A precedent has been set, and there will be shockwaves.

PTC Study of Violent Broadcast TV

PTC Says Findings Prove Entertainment Industry Unmotivated to Reduce Children's Exposure to On-Screen Violence

Why Should Christians Care About Economics?

SES Says It is Important That Christians Are Equipped to Answer Questions About the Morality and Science of Economics

Gospel of Jesus vs. Gospel of Big Government

The gospel of big government is Satan's lie and substitute for the real Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Censoring School Children

Attorneys Defend Prosper Teacher and Her 52 Students, Turned Away from the Dallas VA Hospital with Their Hand-Written Christmas Cards

Bullying Duck Dynasty Patriarch

Attorneys Support Phil Robertson's Right to Express his Religious Convictions

Duck Dynasty Dilemma

The network shouldn't expect the Robertson clan to back down.

Polygamy, Albert Mohler

Moral Mayhem Multiplied--Now, It's Polygamy's Turn

Shipping Overload, No Christmas Gifts

Many shoppers are blaming online retailers for stealing Christmas.

Obamacare Support Drops to All-Time Low

CNN/ORC International Poll -- December 16 to 19, 2013

Edward Snowden's Alternative Christmas Message

Channel 4 has a reputation for delivering an "alternative Christmas message" every year as a counterpoint to the Queen's annual Christmas address, and 2013 is no different.

Duck Dynasty, Success and Suspension

Phil Robertson Suspended Indefinitely Following Anti-Gay Remarks

What Happened to Tolerance?

A&E's Problem - And Ours

Top 10 Broken Obamacare Promises

"If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period."

Obamacare Deadline Abruptly Delayed

The surprise announcement came just four days before a Dec. 23 deadline for people to choose coverage that begins Jan. 1


Thinking Christianly About Style, Media and Entertainment

Pajama Boy, Obamacare

The new face of Obamacare is a man in a plaid onesie. Of course.

Obamacare Ad

WaPo: 'Every Democrat Should Be Scared' of this Obamacare Ad

Church Security

Protecting Your Church Against Violence

Toughest Questions Your Kids Ask

How to Answer Them Confidently.

Poverty in Cities, Newt Gingrich

"Every major city which is a poverty center is run by Democrats."

War on Christmas, book review

Gear up for the Christmas season by getting the facts behind some of Christmas' most talked about controversies.

Christmas Candle, Rick Santorum

The former candidate for GOP presidential nomination is now at the helm of EchoLight Studios and says he wants to make the company the 'Pixar of his faith'

A Better December, book review

A Better December: Proverbs to Brighten Christmas

Health Care and the GOP

Nix, not fix: GOP pushed on health law

Christian View of Government and Law

How the principles of the New Testament will help us select governmental models that a conducive to Christian life and witness.

School Bans Christmas Trees, Red and Green

This is what it's come to, America.

German Homeschool Family

Supreme Court Orders Government to Respond in German Homeschoolers Asylum Case

ESPN Rejects Catholic Hospital Ad

ESPN has reportedly rejected a Christmas commercial from a St. Louis area Catholic hospital because the network found the mention of "Jesus" in the ad to be "problematic."

House Passes Budget

House Passes Budget As Boehner Raps Tea Party

No War on Christmas, Tim Wildmon

Christmas is the most notable day on the calendar where the general American public is reminded of the life of Jesus Christ. That is why some want to do away with it.

Prodigal Press, Marvin Olasky

The crippling liberal bias in the media, and how Christians can respond.

Five religious views of capital punishment

A variety of Texas religious leaders give their views of capital punishment.

Ben Carson on Obamacare

If we don't stop Obamacare, we'll end up with a single-payer system

Keeping the Faith in Public School

Keeping the Faith in Public Schools is divided into ten topics.

Congressional Budget Deal

Budget Deal Gets House GOP Support; Sens. Coburn, Paul, Rubio Opposed

Politician's Extortion Racket

What if instead of being bribed by wealthy interests, politicians are engaged in a form of legal extortion designed to extract campaign contributions?

You Can Keep Your Doctor if You Pay More

Americans were told that if they were satisfied with their existing healthcare arrangement, the new law would not affect them.

Higher Deductibles Under Obamacare

Now that more individuals are able to enroll in plans through the improved Obamacare website, they are discovering that the lower insurance premiums mean more out-of-pocket costs that many may not be able to afford.

To those who say there is no war on Christmas

Christmas is the most notable day on the calendar where the general American public is reminded of the life of Jesus Christ. That is why some want to do away with it.

Article V Convention, Senator David Long

Fed up with Washington?

The Post-Work Economy, Mark Steyn

A permanent dependency class means a citizenry deprived of dignity.