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Mission Drift

Book review- Mission Drift: The Unspoken Crisis Facing Leaders, Charities, and Churches

The Tides of Life

How to use The Tides of Life

Our Bumbling Secretary of State

Kerry: Israel risks becoming 'an apartheid state'

Idaho Ministers Forced to Perform Same-Sex Weddings

For years, we were assured gay marriage would never require anything so absurd as forcing ministers to marry same-sex couples.

Hand Over Your Sermon

Intimidating the Faithful

U.S. Will Bring People in from Ebola Hot Zone

Gohmert Predicts US Will 'Bring People In' from Ebola Hot Zone

War on Women Canard

Unlike Cory Gardner, the senator assumes Colorado's women are civic illiterates.

Surge of Immigrant IDs

Exclusive: Obama Administration Quietly Prepares 'Surge' Of Millions Of New Immigrant IDs

Walk to Beautiful

Jimmy Wayne Set to Release Autobiography "Walk to Beautiful"

Dear Brittany Letter

Why We Don't Have To Be So Afraid of Dying & Suffering that We Choose Suicide

12 Huge Mistakes Parents Can Avoid

Dr. Elmore provides practical and effective insights designed to help you.

Kerby's five-point plan to deal with the Ebola crisis.

We need some common sense, and we need to be able to believe and trust the government in this crisis.

Houston Pastors and Religious Liberty

Cruz: City of Houston Crossed Line on Religious Liberty

Steadfast Opposition

Penna Dexter Commentary

CDC Told Nurse to Fly to Dallas

Remember, according to the CDC Ebola is contagious when a person is showing symptoms of the disease.

Republicans Betting They Can Beat Something With Nothing

Democratic candidates would rather be photographed with the President of Liberia than with the leader of their party.

Jesus Unmasked

Quick Overview of "Jesus Unmasked"

Peter LaBarbera Arrested in Canada

Refused to leave University of Regina campus when asked by officials

Same-Sex Marriage Decisions

The Constitution Protects Gays But Not Blacks and Women

Contagion versus reality

Ebola is much less scary than Hollywood's 2011 medical thriller. Or is it?

Questioning the Bible

Has the biblical text been corrupted over the centuries?

Remove Obama Before We Get Killed

Only a madman would gamble with our lives...our children's lives...and the entire American economy.

Americans Want Travel Restrictions

ABC/Wash. Post Poll: Majority Want Ebola Travel Restrictions

Same-Sex Marriage Decisions

The Constitution Protects Gays But Not Blacks and Women

U.S. Senate Races

Current Senate: 55* Democrats | 45 Republicans

Democrat's False Flag Strategy

Dick Morris: Democrats Using 'False Flag' Plan to Steal Senate

Government Failed to Protect Americans

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control reports that, "By the end of the year, there will be 14 million people infected with Ebola and 62% of them dying."

The Ordinary Christian Life

Who wants to be that ordinary person who lives in an ordinary town, is a member of an ordinary church, has ordinary friends, and works an ordinary job?

Columbus Day

Columbus Day or Indigenous People's Day?

Indigenous People's Day

It's time to stop progressives from raping history and aborting facts and take them back.

Networks Celebrate Gay Marriage Decision

ABC, CBS and NBC filled their Oct. 6 evening news broadcasts with celebrating gays and lesbians including at least 20 separate wedding photos and eight separate homosexual kissing scenes.

But in 2010 Obama administration killed tougher regulations proponents called 'critical.'

Is the U.S. government doing enough to screen travelers potentially carrying Ebola into the country?

A win for religious liberty: School reverses ban on Christian Club

Administrators at Ward Melville High School in Long Island said they will grant Students United in Faith permission to meet on campus.

Stop Calling It Marriage Equality

All you've done is redefine the parameters of marriage. You support gay marriage, not "marriage equality."

CDC: 150 People Enter U.S. Per Day from Ebola-Stricken Countries

One hundred-fifty passengers a day from West Africa works out to more than a thousand a week (1,050), 4,500 a month, and 54,750 a year.

Supremes Hold Cloaks During Stoning of Marriage

Roe didn't change the sanctity of life and current court decisions do not change the truth about sodomy.

The Beauty of the Country of Marriage

In a brave new book, Anthony Esolen describes the very real consequences of redefining marriage.

The Defense of Marriage Isn't Over

We should recognize this for what it is: dozens of minor acts of judicial activism, rather than one major one.

Sen. Cruz releases statement about Supreme Court actions today

Allowing Lower Court Rulings on Same-Sex Marriage to Stand is 'Tragic and Indefensible,' and 'Judicial Activism at its Worst'

Supreme Court lets stand state rulings allowing same-sex marriage

Marriages could soon be available in six more states, for a total of 30.

Conservatives Are Going Ballistic Over This Subtraction Problem Found In A Textbook

The Common Core math standards are a topic of hot controversy, especially on the right.

Arab Winter Comes to America Robert Spencer interview

Must-Read New Book: "Arab Winter Comes to America

Spring Fever Andrew McCarthy

Spring Fever is an attempt to give the reader an alternative way to understand what is happening in the Middle East.

Federal Land Grab in Texas?

Exclusive--Texas AG Abbott to BLM: 'Come and Take It'

Defending Another Veterans Memorial

Liberty Institute, The American Legion Continue Fight to Preserve Historic Bladensburg WWI Veterans Memorial

Liberia to Prosecute Man Who Brought Ebola to U.S.

The Liberian man infected with Ebola will be prosecuted when he returns home for lying on his airport screening questionnaire, Liberian authorities said Thursday.

Six Failures at Secret Service

6 Humiliating Secret Service Fails That Show Why Julia Pierson Needed to Go

Senate Control Rests on Few Hundred Votes

Michelle Obama warns Senate control, impeachment rest on 'few hundred votes'

Ebola Contacts and Scared Parents

Possible Ebola contacts now up to 80

Resignation of Secret Service Chief

Republicans on Secret Service Chief's Resignation: 'She Had to Go'

Congressional Term Limits

They would motivate members to defend Congress's powers against executive encroachment.

Should Christians Embrace Darwin?

An Evening with Karl Giberson and Stephen Meyer

Twilight of the American Enlightenment: book review

Almost all of the 'big idea' books of the 1950s shared the premise that self-fulfillment was the highest moral good.

VA and the Limits of Liberalism

The VA scandal poses an acute threat to the Obama administration because of how much its problems resemble the criticisms of Obamacare itself.

Biased Lessons on Islam: Ellen Wald

Middle East Curricula in Newton Public Schools

Terror Tunnels: Alan Dershowitz

'My Weapon Is the Truth'

U.S. Patient with Ebola?

North Texas Hospital Evaluating Patient For Potential Ebola Exposure

What Unites Jews and Christians

Focusing on what Unites Jews and Evangelicals

President Admits Intelligence Failures

Obama Admits Intelligence Failure on ISIS as Lawmakers Press Congressional War Action

Holder Will Regret His Refusal to Obey the Constitution

The AG is the nation's law enforcement officer, second only to the president.

Holder: Contempt of Congress

Opponent says timing of resignation no coincidence

Abortion and Mid-term Elections

Conservatives Hone Script to Light a Fire Over Abortion

Should We Hope to Die at 75?

Contra Ezekiel Emanuel, age is no absolute barometer for human vitality and dignity.

Containment Plus

The U.S has embarked upon a long and difficult path to roll back the Islamic State and jihadism.

The Power of God's Names

As you explore the richness contained in the names of God used in Scripture, you will learn to trust the Lord's goodness, rely on His promises, and live in His abundance.

Wait Till It's Free

Socialized Medicine Skewered by New Documentary Warning 'Wait Till It's Free'

Na´ve Speech at United Nations

Obama's breathtaking naivete at the United Nations

Things to Do in Making a Big Decision

What to do when you don't know what you should do.

Who Killed the American Family?

Phyllis Schlafly: 'It has caused the dramatic rise in government spending'

Moderate Muslims Stand Against ISIS

In new #NotInMyName campaign, British Muslims denounce the Islamic State.

Fonzie Fetus: Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Catches the Attention of the Media

Killing Lions

Killing Lions: A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face

Our Border and Ebola Virus

Liberals' Refusal To Secure Our Borders Invites Ebola . . . And Worse

Climate-Change March in the Streets

Taking a Call for Climate Change to the Streets

Crumbling Climate-Change Consensus

Extremists' rhetoric heats up as their case falls apart.

Climate Change Not Settled Science

Former Obama Official: Climate Change Not 'Settled' Science

Obamacare and American Decline

America needs a change of direction domestically to cope with a dangerous and disorderly world.

ISIS Strategy is Mission Impossible

Lt. Col. Oliver North: Someone Needs to Tell The Truth, Obama's ISIS Strategy is Mission Impossible

Does Moderate Islamic Theology Exist?

After recent savagery by ISIS and other militant groups around the world, the following question inevitably is raised: Is it possible to be a follower and not adhere to that mandate?

Important Senate Races

Your 'To Do' List to Save America


The New Conservative Woman Speak Out

Constitutional Authority for War

The Constitution requires Obama to obtain congressional authorization for military action against ISIS.

We Need Ground Troops

Robert Gates: ISIS Can't Be Defeated Without US Ground Troops

PBS : Abortion program

Dear PBS, I don't think there's a compassionate way to murder infants

Your Tax Dollars : Pro-Abortion PBS Program

PBS to air pro-abortion "After Tiller" movie tomorrow

GAO Report

ObamaCare Includes Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Ebola Out of Control

Obama: Ebola 'Spiraling Out of Control,' World Must Act Quickly

Book review: "Jesus on Trial"

David Limbaugh's 'Jesus on Trial' Is a Winning Verdict

Rising Health Insurance Premiums

What's Behind Those Rising Health Insurance Premiums?

Death of Death Panels

President Obama has been very selective on which parts of Obamacare he wants and doesn't want to implement, and when.

Growing Up Social

Raising Relational Kids in a Screen-Driven World

ISIS is the Richest Terror Group in History

Oil smuggling, human trafficking, theft and extortion are some of the source of income of the the dreaded terrorist the ISIS.

We Are At War With ISIL

Success against the growing threat of the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) will mean curbing the insurgents so they no longer pose danger.

Supreme Irony Kelly's new book

'Supreme Irony' promotes court case used to defend religious freedom . . .

Do We Need More Boots on the Ground?

John Boehner: 'Somebody's Boots Have to Be on the Ground'

George Bush Was Right

Bush warned that withdrawing against the advice of our military commanders would result in "mass killings on a horrific scale."

Ted Cruz Israel In Defense of Christians Conference

Ted Cruz stands up for Israel

The Giver - Bioethics

The movie is rife with bioethical implications applicable to our society, from genetic engineering and infanticide to surrogacy and euthanasia.

Exposure to Violence on Media

Leading Trauma Specialist Concerned about Exposure to Violence On Social Media.

Hearts of Men

A film about Jesus engaging men in their sexual brokenness,

Letters to a Birmingham Jail

A Response to the Words and Dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Obama Untruth

Let us count the ways: bald lies, lies of omission, mythography, amnesia, redaction . . .

Making Math Education Even Worse

American students are already struggling against the competition. The Common Core won't help them succeed.

George W. Bush was right about Iraq pullout

Bush warned of the dire consequence of pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq against the advice of our commanders on the ground.

A campaign to silence conservative speech

Government attacks on its critics are sinister and growing

Rally for Persecuted Christians

Dallas Area Christians to Stand Up in Support of Christians Persecuted in Iraq

ISIS Won't Stay in Iraq

'The American people don't understand these people aren't going to stop'

Burned by Solar Companies

Rooftop Solar Companies Cash In on Government Handouts

Declaration of War Against Radical Islam

Gohmert: Pass 'Declaration of War Against Radical Islam'

Officers in Benghazi Break Their Silence

Gohmert: Pass 'Declaration of War Against Radical Islam'

Obama Writes Off Ukraine

Putin's invasion may be nothing new to Obama. For Ukraine, it changed everything.

55 Reasons to Home School

Plus: What is Homeschooling & How to Home School

Marriage is a Religious Liberty Issue

How does same-sex marriage affect my life? Why can't we live and let live?

Bridal Boutique : Lesbian Couple

How does same-sex marriage affect my life? Why can't we live and let live?

If 2014 Were 1776 in America

Where Moral Law Ceases, America Ceases, Says Author and Apologist Dr. Alex McFarland

Rejection of Natural Law: Loss of Constitution

Federal Appeals Court Overturns Voter-Supported Marriage Law

Zero Illegals Coming Through

Nick Adams explains that in 7 months, new leader ended aliens' boat trips

The American Boomerang

Frontpage Interview's guest today is Nick Adams.

Truth Behind ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Thousands of people are engaging in what is becoming one of the most successful nonprofit, viral fundraising campaigns in modern history -- the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

What an ALS Family Thinks

People ask me often what it's like to live with ALS. It's a brave question because the answers are not very pleasant.

How God Makes Men

In How God Makes Men, I want to share with you the most powerful principles about biblical manhood from 10 of the most well known of those men.

The Question That Never Goes Away

There are reasons to ask, once again, the question that never goes away: Where is God when we suffer?

Joy For the World: book review

Why a healthy society rests on the foundation of Christian joy.

Obamacare Deadline

Software Bug Takes Down Health Care Site

Banning "Bless You"?

We Deliver Demand to High School Who Kicked Student Out of Class for Saying "Bless You"

Reasons ISIS is More Dangerous than Al-Qaeda

What else makes them such a real security threat, to Iraq, to the region, to the world, and to the U.S.?

UK Raises Threat Level to Severe

According to the U.K. government, it means an attack is "highly likely."

Answers to Inversion

Rather than trying to ban the practice, why can't Obama address corporate tax reform?

Never Go Back : Henry Cloud

Dr. Henry Cloud on Why You Need to Wake Up and 'Repent' of These 10 Patterns Causing You Pain and Holding You Back

7 Steps to Stop Bullying

What can concerned parents, youth workers, and educators do to turn the bullying tide?

Blame It on Congress : Rationale for Amnesty?

Obama Crafting Legal Rationale for Sweeping Legalization Action

How Millennials See Israeli-Palestine Conflict Differently

Millennial Christians are developing views of Israel that are distinct from their parents' pro-Israel perspective. Here's why.

Obama Pursuing Climate Rules without Congress

To sidestep that requirement, President Obama's climate negotiators are devising what they call a "politically binding" deal that would "name and shame" countries into cutting their emissions.

How Black Americans Will be Hurt by Obama Amnesty

If President Barack Obama takes unilateral executive action to grant work permits to millions of illegal aliens, he will hurt black Americans, say experts with the Project 21 black leadership network.

One More Try

If you want to fight for your marriage, this book is for you.

God's Not Dead

How far would you go...to defend your belief in God?

Is ISIS a Threat to the West?

How much of a threat does ISIS pose to the Western world and the United States?

Renaissance: Os Guinness

Os Guinness Calls for a New Christian Renaissance.

Is Reality Secular?

From Finding Calcutta to Finding Reality...

Vacations and Vocations

As the president golfs the days away, Senator Paul puts his medical skills to use on behalf of others.

Another Attack on Religious Freedom

One of the latest incidents to be reported nationally is in New York.

Obama: 800,000 Guest Worker Visas

Obama Considering Granting 800K Guest-Worker Visas as 90% Believe American Workers Should Be Favored

Hagel: We Must Prepare for ISIS

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel warned Thursday that the well-funded, heavily militarized Islamic State (ISIS) is "beyond anything we've seen."

Israeli Strike Against Hamas Chief

Hamas' military chief believed to have been killed in airstrike, sources say

Another Iraq War is Coming

A successful military intervention isn't just possible; it's essential

ISIS Beheading

They're following in the footsteps of the Romans, the French revolutionaries, and Mohammed himself.

Parenting With Scripture

A Topical Guide for Teachable Moments

The Nanny State

The Tyranny of the Nanny State, Where the Government Knows What's Best for You

Eric Holder Goes to Ferguson, MO

Will oversee federal response to shooting.

Conversations with Jehovah's Witnesses

A Friendly Approach to Sharing the Truth About God and the Bible

Teachable Moments

FREE CHAPTER: Enjoy this introduction to the ideas in the book (and then go ahead and buy it!)

Revolutionary Justice

Certainly any time in America that an unarmed suspect is fatally shot by a policeman of the opposite race, there is a need for concern and a quick and full inquiry of the circumstances leading to such a deadly use of force.

Treating PTSD


How to Navigate Difficult Conversations

Q&A with Tim Muehlhoff

Who Lost the Cities?

There is more wrong with Ferguson than the Brown case.

Confronting ISIS

Confronting ISIS -- 'It Takes an Army to Defeat an Army'

How to Defeat ISIS

U.S. policymakers must commit themselves clearly to containing, disrupting, and defeating it.

Looks That Kill

Ditch the stormtroopers, bring back the peelers.

Becoming Home

New Book from Jedd Medefind: Becoming Home

Same-Sex Marriage : book review

Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach

Illegal Kids to U.S. Schools

Obama Makes Plans to Send Illegal Kids to US Schools

A Young Woman's Guide to Setting Boundaries

Six Steps to Help Teens Make Smart Choices, Cope with Stress and Untangle Mixed-up Emotions

Total Victory = Lasting Peace in Middle East

The Key To A Lasting Middle East Peace Is Total Victory

More Boots on the Ground

US Sends More Advisers to Iraq, Steps Up Air Strikes

Apologetics Beyond Reason

Jim Sire's final book: practical, generative, intellectual, emotional, pro vocative

Dirty Faith

DIRTY FAITH: Bringing the Love of Christ to the Least of These

100 U.S. Air Missions Over Iraq

The U.S. Navy and Air Force are scheduling as many as 100 attack, reconnaissance, and support missions daily over Iraq, according to a U.S. military official.

One Million Babies


Networks Won't Call Groups Terrorist Organizations

Big Three Networks Avoid Calling ISIS 'Terrorists;' Label Them 'Rebels' and 'Militants'

Islamists Rushing to Join ISIS

Members of al-Qaida in Yemen and Africa are leaving to join the rival terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syri.

Legal Rights for High School Cheerleaders

Liberty Institute files petition at Texas Supreme Court to review and reverse decision of Beaumont Court of Appeals . . .

Legal Rights for College Students


ISIS Advances : Possible Air Strikes

Barack Obama Approves Airstrikes on Iraq, Airdrops Aid

Amnesty by Executive Order?

The president's breathtakingly cynical plan to ward off a midterm shellacking

Hamas: Human Shields Manual

They're putting their own people in the line of fire -- and doing it by the book.

Culture Shock

Discover how you can bring light--not heat--to cultural conversations.

Team Us

Would you identify your fights as "Me vs. You" or "Team Us"?

Release the Ebola Drugs?

When Regulation Kills, Release the experimental Ebola drugs

Sex Trafficking in America

Compelling book of 5 true stories of American children sex trafficked in the U.S. Publishing May 2014.

What is Debt-Proof Living?

Debt-Proof Living is... a plan that equips you with the best ways to get out of debt... a way of life that allows you to live below your means... a simple approach on how to save, give, and pay off credit-card debt

Economic Patriotism

'Economic patriotism' and the end of corporate taxes

Michelle O's menu 'financial disaster,' school district says

Another school district is dropping out of the recently overhauled National School Lunch Program.

IRS Promises to Monitor Sermons

IRS Promises Atheist Group to Investigate 'Pulpit Freedom' Churches

Planned Parenthood Boosting Profit by Overbilling Customers

1 in 4 Planned Parenthood affiliates face charges of fraud, waste and abuse.

Forced Exodus of Mosul Christians 'Unprecedented'

Open Doors USA President Calls Forced Exodus of Mosul Christians 'Unprecedented'

A tale of two hospitals: One in Israel, one in Gaza

Israel saves its enemies; Hamas endangers its friends

Dangerous 5th Circuit Ruling on Abortion

The 21 Fifth Circuit panel decision in Jackson Women's Health Organization v. Currier, striking down Mississippi's law requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals.

The Rehabilitation of the Retreads

Two of the more prominent figures on the 2012 campaign trail are giving every indication of running again and are getting a lot of attention from the media.

Meriam Ibrahim arrives in New Hampshire

A Sudanese woman who faced the death penalty for refusing to recant her Christian faith has arrived in New Hampshire, ready to begin a new life.

Atheists, Humanists Sue to Cut "Under God" Out of Pledge of Allegiance

Liberty Institute takes action to save traditional pledge in New Jersey school district . . .

Important free speech judgment on Bus Ads case

Which is it? Did Boris mislead the media or the High Court?

Assisted Suicide in the U.K.

UK's Supreme Court Makes Unprecedented Advances to Legalize Assisted Suicide

Steel 'cross' will stay at WTC memorial: court

The World Trade Center Cross, made of intersecting steel beams found in the rubble of the buildings destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks will stay.

A School for Inner City Shalom

West Dallas School is a classical Christian school, based on the philosophy of Charlotte Mason to reach the whole child with a love for learning.

Sixteen Amazing Stories - Preface

The stories in the book demonstrate just how far a loving God will go to reach anyone.

Attacks Against Border Patrol

Report reveals 'disturbing trend' of brazen attacks against border security by gangs, drug and human traffickers

Einstein Was Not an Atheist

When asked if he had a belief in God, Einstein replied, 'I am not an atheist.'

The Murder of the Middle Class

Protecting the American Dream

Border Bill is Surrender

Jeff Sessions: House Border Bill Is a 'Surrender To a Lawless President'


#HowOldWereYou: Origins of a Heartbreaking Hashtag

Blood Feud : 10 Revelations

10 striking revelations from Ed Klein's bombshell new book on the Clinton-Obama 'Blood Feud'

Obama : Executive Power : Immigration

Sessions: Obama Move on Illegals Would 'Alter Constitutional Framework'

The Greatest Comeback

The Greatest Comeback by Patrick J. Buchanan Book Excerpt

For the Least of These

For the Least of These: A Biblical Answer to Poverty

Christians in Iraq : Frank Wolf

Wolf Continues To Speak Out About Genocide Of Christians And Religious Minorities In Iraq

No Ceasefire

Sen. Lindsey Graham: No Ceasefire Until Israel Neutralizes Hamas

West Bank Protest

Israel On Alert After Deadly West Bank Clashes

Impressions from the Border

Taxpayer money goes toward rescuing illegal aliens stranded in remote areas.

The Vacant President

The world is aflame and our leader is on the 14th green.

Power Behind Common Core

Can any institution of learning be immune to the power of the Common Core even if you are not using any of the curriculum or following any of the standards?

Case Against Common Core

A Common-Sense Case Against the Common Core.

How Liberals make it Harder for Blacks

Why liberals should stop trying to 'help' black Americans

Escape the Lie : interview

A Q & A with Walker Moore

Guns and Violence : Book review

Review of Joyce Malcolm, Guns and Violence: The English Experience

Obamacare Ruling

Obamacare's Meaning Is Not Subject to the President's Whim

Examining Our Cultural Captivity

A Christian Look at the Impact of Popular Thought on the Church

The Controlling Husband

Real hope and real solutions for every woman.

Rick Perry Sending Troops to the Border

Texas Gov. Perry is Deploy 1,000 National Guard Troops to Border.

Starting at the Finish Line

Excerpts from the book "Starting at the Finish Line"

People Against Barack Obama

An interview with Ben Shapiro on his criminal case against the Obama administration

Democrats Treated Better in House than Republicans in Senate

Republicans are touting an open amendment process on House spending bills to argue the minority is treated far better...

Truth About Gaza Charles Krauthammer

Rarely does international politics present a moment of such moral clarity.

Opposition to Border Crisis

Resistance to Obama's manufactured border crisis grows.

Obama's Actions a Threat to Constitution

Republicans file lawsuit in attempt to rein in president.

Preserving Religious Liberties : Jerry Moran

Democrats are pushing a bill that would eviscerate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Israeli Invasion of Gaza Strip Likely

An Israeli artillery unit deployed next to the border with Gaza on Wednesday.

Palestinian Genocide Lie : Jonah Goldberg

It's a moral scandal that it's even necessary to debunk equating Israel with the Nazis.

The Two Gazas

How does Israel confront the Gaza of below, without causing unnecessary anguish to the Gaza of above?

Summer Reading Kay Wyma

Required Summer Reading ... and other product-pull that can sap joy from the process required-reading

Book of Revelation Made Clear

'Left Behind' Author Tackles 'Great Bible Mystery' of Revelation Prophecies

Will America Remain One Nation?

Pat Buchanan cites ways 'diversity' has harmed United States

Why We Won't Have Immigration Reform

People who call for "comprehensive immigration reform" seldom mean it.

Euphoria Marks the Top

The Cornerstone Report is published by Cornerstone Financial Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor.

Christianity on Trial

A Lawyer Examines the Christian Faith

Endless Wave of Illegals

"You're going to be out here a long time. There are thousands of us."- El Salvadoran child apprehended at the Mexican border

Another Jesus Calling

Is hit book 'Jesus Calling' pushing New Age?

Liberal or Conservative? : Mark Bailey

The Core of Our Faith: four irreducible minimums of a biblical theology

Legal Threat to Obamacare?

In Halbig, the courts may finally force Obama to work with Congress if he wants to rewrite the law.

Border Funds A Blank Check?

McConnell Criticizes Obama Border Money Request

Moral Crisis on Southern Border

A perfect storm of special interests have hijacked U.S. immigration law.

Senate Bill to Overturn Hobby Lobby Decision

Senate Democrats' Religious-Freedom Deprivation Bill

The immigration no-brainer

Will these immigrants be allowed to stay?

First-Time Dad

The Stuff You Really Need to Know.

America is Turning Into a Police State

Neighborhood cops are becoming armed soldiers.

Ban the Word "Alien"?

I'm an Alien -- and Proud of It.

Impeachment: A Bridge Too Far

Impeachment is being brought up by Republicans outraged over Barack Obama's usurpations of power and unilateral rewriting of laws.

Presidential Inaction and the Border Crisis

President who created border crisis not eager to resolve border crisis.

Democrats to Override Hobby Lobby Decision

Senate Democrats are expediting legislation that would override the Supreme Court's decision in the Hobby Lobby case.

Immigrants to Turn Texas Blue: Louie Gohmert

Gohmert: Obama Is Flooding Texas with Immigrants

President in Texas to Raise Money Not Solve Border Crisis: Louie Gohmert

Obama declined Texas Gov. Rick Perry's invitation to visit areas where countless numbers of illegal immigrants-- especially children -- have been crossing the border.

Governor Rick Perry Border Crisis

Obama either 'inept' on border security, or has 'some ulterior motive'

Is It My Fault?

Hope and Healing for Those Suffering Domestic Violence.

Abuse and Domestic Violence

Abuse may be open, flagrant, and in-your-face.

President to Visit Fundraisers in Texas but not the Border

The president is behind on the immigration crisis, but so is Congress.

What's Your Worldview?

What's Your Worldview?: An Interactive Approach to Life's Big Questions.

Why We Need a Convention: Michael Farris

Exclusive: Michael Farris parts ways with friend Phyllis Schlafly over Article V

Well-Traveled Expensive President

"The most internationally well-traveled President, through five years," NTUF

7 Ways to be Her Hero

Review Of "7 Ways To Be Her Hero"

Praying Circles Around the Lives of Your Children

Mark Batterson has a surprising secret weapon to parenting: prayer.

Immigration Battleground: Murietta, California

Supporters, opponents of Murrieta-bound immigrant detainees dig in

Escape from North Korea: review

Fleeing North Korea Through 'Asia's Underground Railroad'

What Happens After Life?

21 Amazing Revelations About Heaven and Hell

Doctors Face Arrest for Warning about Immigrant Medical Problems

My sources say Americans should be very concerned about the secrecy of the government camps.

Supreme Court Decision: Hobby Lobby case

Supreme Court Delivers Momentous Religious Freedom Victory

Immigration Reform by Executive Order

Obama pledges to redirect immigration enforcement, conceding Congress won't act

Supreme Court Decision

Supreme Court Upholds Religious Freedom in Hobby Lobby Case

The Hobby Lobby Decision

5 Major Takeaways From The Hobby Lobby Decision.

War on Hobby Lobby

The Obama administration wants to win this to prove a point.

You Don't Cry Out Loud

The long awaited autobiography by Lily Isaacs......."You Don't Cry Out Loud"

Supreme Court: Unanimous Decisions

Abuses Too Far

Illegal Mom Caught at Border

'People Told Me ... If You Go To The U.S., Your Children Can Go To School'

White House Press Secretary

'We're Not Just Going to Sit Around and Wait' for Congress to Write Laws

Bauer on Obama's Record

More Babies Aborted Than Jobs Created

Is the 'Gay Gene' a Myth?

Scientists Say Homosexuality Impossible to Determine by DNA

To Straight And Back

My life as an ex-ex-gay man.

High court voids 35-foot abortion clinic buffer

The justices were unanimous in the ruling.

Toughest Questions Your Kids Ask

How to Answer Them Confidently.

Poverty in Cities, Newt Gingrich

"Every major city which is a poverty center is run by Democrats."

Why is Apologetics Needed?

Though more reasons could be listed, these seven will suffice to demonstrate that Christian apologetics is a necessary discipline in the church.

Petition begins to let soldiers see 'America'

Signers want Dinesh D'Souza's patriotic film shown on military bases

Why is Christianity Losing in America?

This is the question with which all serious Christians must wrestle.

Leaving Marriage Defenseless

Blurring Law and Politics

Bauer: Gitmo exchange sets bad precedent

Conservative icon Gary Bauer says it was a terrible decision by Barack Obama to release five dangerous Taliban terror suspects in exchange for an American soldier who may well have been a deserter.

House Majority Leader Loses to Tea Party

Tea Party Claims Huge Scalp as Cantor Crashes in Primary

Equipping parents to parent in a sexualized culture

"Parenting in a Sexualized Culture" is the tool you need to protect and equip your kids to thrive in the 21st century.

The Connections Between Pornography and Sex Trafficking

Society views sex trafficking as something we ought to combat, yet it sees pornography as simply another genre of entertainment.

Church Security

Protecting Your Church Against Violence

Woman stoned to death for marrying man she loved

Culture-changing Christians are beggars helping other beggars find bread

Muslim enrolled at Baptist seminary.

Why is this national news?

Is Intelligent Design Dead?

Proof that Intelligent Design is far from dead.

Politician's Extortion Racket

What if instead of being bribed by wealthy interests, politicians are engaged in a form of legal extortion designed to extract campaign contributions?

Common Core

Tell Us Your Common Core Stories

President and Secretary Talk About Climate Change While Iraq Burns

Protecting Oceans from Climate Change a 'Vital Security Issue'

Immigrant Crisis on Border Will Get Worse

There's A Staggering Humanitarian Crisis On The US Border, And It's Only Going To Get Worse

Dog Ate Lois Lerner's emails

IT experts and the IRS's own manual note that backups of Lerner's e-mails must exist.

Reach Beyond Manifesto

The manifesto was developed as a way to spark a new movement of believers.

The Prize, Part 1: John Maisel

The Prize, Part 1 of 5