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April 18, 2014

Sundays Are the Worst
by Kerby Anderson


Sundays are the worst day for many waiters and people in the service industry. That is what you would conclude as you read the stores of bakers, pizza delivery drivers, and people in the food service industry. You can find them at a website called "Sundays Are the Worst" created by a pastor in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Jim Denison wrote about the website in his daily "Denison Forum on Truth and Culture" blog and talked with me about it when he was on my radio program. Most of us have heard some anecdotes about how rude and demanding Christians can sometimes be to people serving them. The stories on this website are eye opening and heart breaking. Most of the stories are from very hard-working people who deal with critical Christians who don't even think about the fact that a generous tip might be the difference between them paying rent or having to work another part-time job.

A pizza delivery driver lives in a community with lots of churches. He has two other jobs, but works this one because he is a single dad. When a church makes a large order, he has to carry 100 pounds of food up and down stairs in a church. He is often treated poorly, even told that he was a lazy kid who made bad choices. He depends on tips (that are often meager or nonexistent) to feed his son and pay for gas to respond to calls. Then after all of this ill treatment, some of the members invite him to attend their church.

Let's also acknowledge that this isn't always the case. Jim Denison points to one survey that found that "the vast majority of Christians tipped at or above the normative 15 percent of bill size." This illustrates the sad reality that one bad experience is remembered much longer than 30 positive experiences. We all tend to remember the insults much longer than compliments.

I hope you will remember this as we go into the weekend. If you are a pastor, I hope you might say something from the pulpit. The world is watching us. We should have a good testimony before others.

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