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September 17, 2014

No America?
by Kerby Anderson


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Alex McFarland made an attention arresting statement the other day. He said that if today were 1776, there would be no America. His reason was simple. Back in 1776, the founding fathers believed in natural law. Today, our leaders do not.

Alex McFarland illustrates this by talking about abortion and the pro-life perspective that is missing from our national debate. "The defense of life is a defense of our Constitution, and those who are afraid to stand for life and for absolute morality are putting our nation at risk."

We can add other examples. The only way judges and legislatures can accept the notion of same-sex marriage is to reject the concept of natural law. The marriage laws in the states were written by people who understood the importance of traditional marriage and the public purpose that definition has in society.

The conflict we have today over various threats to religious liberty also go back to a rejection of natural law. The framers of the Constitution understood the importance of such principles as freedom of conscience and freedom of association.

Alex McFarland understands how natural law is important to our liberty. "A society that recognizes natural law, as our Judeo-Christian society has long done, is a society that also maximizes liberty for individuals." He went on to explain that "if someone wishes to practice homosexuality, go ahead. But don't tear down the framework that gives you the freedom to be gay."

Without a natural law or a biblical framework, the freedom we enjoy today will be lost. Alex McFarland talks about the iron fist of Statism or the iron fist of Sharia. We are beginning to see how a statist view results in persecution of Christian businesses like Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A. And we are seeing how Sharia law in other countries results in the persecution of churches and Christians in general.

We should be grateful that America began at a time when its leaders believed in natural law. And we should be concerned that so many of our leaders today no longer believe in it.



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